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Our Healing Ministry and Pastoral Counselling/Therapy

We offer Healing in Jesus name!  We also offer Pastoral Counselling/Therapy, not just advice!

Considering the facts before us, that in Christendom, the results of healings recorded only show approximately 3% - 5% of those prayed for, around the world today. That is only the ones who normally do receive any true results of healing.

We are seeing an amazing amount of people that we minister to, actually getting healed by God. This is truly miraculous. God is healing people all the time! Isn't that Wonderful!

So with the results we are seeing, we know that we are really onto something amazing here! God is really in the house!

The amount of people being healed in this ministry at this moment in time, is nothing short of miraculous. How marvelous to find that God is doing something special like this in Agape Community today. Praise God for these gifts to his church. Amen.

We are hoping to open healing rooms very soon. Our team is also available to minister in other churches if required. Just call to check our diary dates for our availablity.

We were really pleased to be affirmed in our own journey from another ministry working in similar ways, namely, the healing ministry of Mike Endecotte of Jacob’s Well, in Wales. UK.

We have recently just seen people in our fellowship cured miraculously of, Nose and Throat problems and Depression, Bowel Cancer, Arthritis, Heart disease, Knee-Cartiledge and skin problems, Back problems and accidents and age related problems, along with deliverance and some healing of the emotions too.

We believe it is all about moving in the Spirit realm. Walking in the Spirit.

EXPECTANCY is the key:

We believe that the healing is already accomplished in the atonement. Jesus arose to a completed work for us all. He said on the cross

"it is finished"

When Jesus walked the earth and healed people, he said...  "The Kingdom is Near"

In Isaiah, looking forward to the Cross, the Word says

"By His stripes you 'are' healed ."

and we are also told by Peter looking back to the Cross

"By His stripes we 'were' healed "

So Come expecting to receive and exercise your faith and it is possible you may really receive from God.

EXPECT to be healed, because GOD HEALS PEOPLE TODAY!

God heals through Jesus and He is willing to heal anyone who asks Him.

Pastoral Counselling and Therapy:

We offer ministry in the area of simple advice on spiritual matters and more general, but in depth, Pastoral counselling and therapy.  

We will only offer 'Pastoral Therapy' from those  ministers who are in training, or already trained, and this will be made very clear before any therapy takes place. The Pastors offering this help will be in constant personal  therapy and/or supervision and fully insured to offer these services, as prescribed by UKCP and BACP guidelines.  

We work within the section of Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapeutic styles and offer a Transpersonal approach in therapy.  We believe the spiritual side to be an integrative part of every human being and neglected at the cost of our wholeness.

We deal with many issues, including in depth relationship problems, or advice on various and serious matters, so get in touch with us, we may help you, or at least source someone esle who can.

We also offer ministry in the sacrament of Absolution from an ordained Priest.

We will advise people what we consider that our God in heaven says.  Jesus only did what God the Father told Him to do.

We believe God has given us a special mission to 'the family' and we have seen people healed in many areas.

Humility is another key to receive:

You need to come in humilty to God, We have all been broken and some of us still have members of our own families that refuse to accept help in getting healed by God, so please don't expect us to be perfect, because only God is perfect.

However, we choose to follow God and He is working through us even though we are earthen vessels with all our faults.

We have experience of life and have gained the victory, by the grace of God.

We are therefore available to offer help to the abused wife, or the neglected Husband.  Or perhaps you have problems with children and teenagers and need general help in mediating and talking through family issues.

We also offer help to those who are dependant on drugs, or Alcohol, and or, other substance abuse, pornography, sexual problems, etc. or we may need to refer on to another specialist in the area of concern.     
We offer Christian help and understanding to those who will receive from God and trust in God's Word for their future.

We also offer Pastoral Counselling to include Marriage Preparation and Marriage Guidance Courses and where appropriate Divorce Recovery Courses - In case we feel unable to help at times, possibly due to our work load, or illness, or perhaps nobody is available with the necessary skills or experience, then we will refer you on to someone who may be able to.  

We know that Jesus can heal, and if you come and expect healing, just remember that we give testimony that YOU MAY RECEIVE! - Jesus always heals those who ask him in true faith, regardless of the person  established to be a confessed Christian, or not.

The bible tells me that God will heal all those who ask Him, and believe through faith, in the fact that he is willing to heal them.   All that is needed is to accept the healing as a free gift of love. Amazing love!

Pains and sickness just disappear as the power of God just washes over people. God is truly compassionate and wonderfull.

Be healed in Jesus Name!