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Train to become a STREET MINISTER and be on the cutting edge in your Town or City.

We are looking for co-ordinators to help on a new project that many can become involved with, in their own Town, or City. 

We are going out to the Homeless and the night street people, where we live, to become their Street Pastors'.  

We believe that they need someone to look out for them on a nightly basis.  That may mean just the offer of a hot drink, or the offer of some clothing, a blanket, or to supply some basic over the counter medicines, for example:- for colds, flu, headaches, or simple sticking plasters, as picture shows above. 

This used to be known as a Soup run, but it is much more than that today, we need to provide information of the various resources of help available:- for addictions, rape crisis, protection against violence, possibly representation with authorities or simple befriending and counselling, some simple talking reassurance or even the offer of therapy, etc.

Do you have skills that we might use for the Kingdom of God here on earth?  Would you be prepared to do a twelve week Street Pastor training course to join and become one of our STREET MINISTERS.

Please get in touch, by emailing

or calling:-
The Chaplain's office - STREET MINISTERS
Ring:- 07799 847720.