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What is an Agape Cell?

We are starting some new cells now, why not come along and join in, or perhaps we can help you, or a friend, to start an Agape Community Cell in your area?

Members of our newly formed Texas Cell

This is not a new concept, or a new way of teaching. We are going back to basic structures of community in the New Testament times. It is about us closely Discipling people.

Why call this work of God ‘Agapé Community International’? CELL community (i.e. small groups) form a Community which is all part of the Church on Earth (the Ecclesia).

It is very different from a ‘Programme Based Church’ (PBC) as we know it, probably the type of churches we are all used to from an early age.  Often identified with a local building!  We can all be members of different churches and go to a Church building.  But WE are all church - we do not go to church!

However, with Cell community, these separate small (Cell style) meetings are not merely just a home group of a church, nor is it just a Bible study, although the Word is an important part of our lives.  It is the church living as a community.

We meet in homes and teach from house to house in the same way the Apostles taught.

We are experiencing personal revival and there is a real and personal dynamic experience with God which is to be shared and witnessed.

We make disciples by utilising a tracking course and training people to become strong Christians and equip and release them for ministry and work in the local church wherever that may be for them.

We operate training as you would from a mini-Bible School.

Our methods are inclusive to all people. We encourage and train people to build healthy relationships with others, so we want to see reconciliation taking place.

The Second Reformation!

This style of church will not suit everyone! Some people would rather not get involved or have to do anything at all; they prefer to be spectators and just be ministered to.

We have been blessed by people like Ralph Neighbour who has resurrected and pioneered this old (N.T method of the ‘Cell’ Community) in the United States and beyond.

We believe this new work of Agape Community is part of something far greater, namely, the Second Reformation of God’s church.

This is a new wave of the Holy Spirit which is moving in the church today, and all around the world. God is moving the church forward once more.

We set out to re-define what God intends for His church today and Agapé Community International is founded on the conclusions and core values we decided upon.

We wanted to see a close community of brothers and sisters building and bonding in relationship with God and each other; in the same way as we see the N.T. 

Agapé Community International is a place of growth, of true Discipling. We are able to do this with reality in this Cell Community, not just talk about it.

We can speak prophetically and lovingly into each other's lives. It’s a place where we can learn to love each other ‘warts and all’! A place where we feel safe to take our masks off and be real and know that we are loved and accepted for who we are.

We mentor each other and teach Christians to become mature in devotions and the power of prayer. We believe that people are more important than an agenda.

Therefore we deal with life problems and help each other in practical and spiritual ways. We feel it is all about loving one another into a closer walk with each other, in Jesus.

We are determined to catch the fire in this Second Reformation and see others won for Christ too.

We don’t want to fall short of the principles taught in the Bible regarding our love for each other.

We want to help Christians realise their full potential for God, and we are prepared to teach and equip them for ministering effectively.

Interestingly, in times of persecution, this style of community will not only survive, but flourish like the N.T Church did, if it is driven underground.

NOTE: We do offer brochures that cover all these topics